Meraki Design


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Tucked away in the lavishness of the English country side, in Weybridge, Surrey, lies a beautiful luxury home, whose interior; contemporary and sophisticated tied with a romantic twist.. The interior is a game of contrasts based on a neutral colour palette of sophisticated natural hues calming and neutral so that it doesn't compete with the garden that is visible throughout .A match made in heaven arose from a client open to innovative ideas, allowing us to create an alluring atmosphere of luxury, seemingly quiet, yet secretly buzzing, as if taken from a modern fairytale. On entering the home, the rich dark wooden floor sets the stage to delight the senses through a tactile experience of fabrics and textures. Based on a concept of balance, a diverse selection of contrasting surfaces emerges from the combination of furs and velvets, natural leather and a soft hand knitted throw and the brilliance of a beaten metal table. Add to this equation the numerous carefully curated decorative surprises and the end product is one of elegance, timeless style, and effortless aesthetics..